WHAT TO WEAR: Back To School

July 28th, 2015 at 2:00am

As we’re entering into our last few weeks of summer break (summer don’t leave me!), the quest for a new wardrobe begins. Back in the day going back to school involved a lot of effort for me because I had one intention and that was to impress people with my first day of school outfit. Little did I know I appeared like I was trying too hard. Now as a college student, I’ve definitely repented from my fashion sins and I’m very conscious about the way I pair my outfits up for any occasion. An outfit should always have a natural vibe behind it; busy isn’t good.

Running into this Fashionisto made my day because his outfit was not only casual but it was sharp and that’s what makes up a good first day of school outfit. His getup consisted of a patterned polo shirt, flawlessly folded slim-fit chinos (folded pants always win) and a pair of beige ankle boots.This Fashionisto happens to know his fashion rules. I like how he chose the navy blue chinos to complement the different shades of blue each pattern on his shirt contained. His ankle boots completed his look and added a chill yet polished vibe. This Fashionisto was not only ready for class but he was ready to impress with ease.

Going back to school tends to be a bit stressful; you have dorm set-ups, class registrations and meetings with your various organizations. The last thing you need to add to your stress shouldn’t be a first day of school ensemble that would cramp your style. Take it easy and listen to your heart, (so cliche right?) and if you like the outfit you come up up with, that’s all that matters. Its that simple.

One Simple Change: Planning to go out with the guys later on in the evening to celebrate the reuniting of the brotherhood? Simply add a leather jacket to the mix along with slim-fit chinos and you my friend are good to go!