WHAT TO WEAR: Back to School

Going to class can be such a drag. I should know; there have been days last semester where I hit the snooze button enough times to sleep through class. Warm beds just seem so much more inviting than cranky 8:00 a.m. professors. Personally, caffeine just isn’t enough motivation in the morning. On most days, my simple pick-up is choosing the right outfit.

As cliché as it sounds, I have found that “dressing for success” really does work. With your favorite hat, shirt or whichever article of clothing, you automatically have more confidence to start the day on the right foot. Well-dressed individuals also evoke a more approachable persona. When going back to school, first impressions are everything.

It seems that this Fashionista definitely agreed with me. I especially love her color scheme of choice, sticking with a couple neutral colors to keep it simple and sweet. With the hot weather, it’s essential that this Fashionista wear breathable fabric, like her chiffon button-up shirt. Her black denim shorts are a classic garment that match with pretty much everything. The small leather backpack offers convenience, for quick and easy travel to and from class. Additionally, it matches well with the brown belt and shirt. Finally, she keeps the shoe choice cute and comfortable. There’s something about Sperry Top-Siders that definitely add a preppy collegiate vibe to the entire outfit.

One Simple Change: As fall hits in a few months, the cold weather will start to pick up again. On particularly chilly afternoons, switch out the shorts with some dark-wash skinny jeans. You get that extra warmth for your legs, while still maintaining your overall look!