WHAT TO WEAR: Back to Rompers

Now that pumpkin spice lattes are back, it’s safe to say that it’s officially fall. Now even though fall is most definitely my favorite season, it  has its ups and downs. For starters, it means that it’s time to head back to campus and get back into gear with school work and college life. But, that also means reuniting with your friends, and also time to kick back into (arguably) the best season for fashion.

The start of a new semester is always one of my favorite times of the year because everyone still has enough motivation to dress their best. During free time between classes, one of the best activities is to simply sit outside and watch out for the best Fashionistas/os on campus to pick up some quality inspiration. I spotted this Fashionista one day who seemed to perfectly sum up fall fashion with one article of clothing—a romper.

Rompers are definitely a go-to outfit for fall. They are perfect for those chilly fall mornings since you can find them with long sleeves, or they are thin enough to throw a light jacket or cardigan over. But at the same time rompers themselves are hearty enough to suffice as an outfit on their own once the afternoon sun swings into full gear. This romper in particular features a trendy criss-cross neckline which definitely adds flair into such a simple outfit. With a rustic color scheme to top it all off, this Fashionista is ready for fall.

When it comes down to heading back to campus in style, rompers should definitely be a staple in everyone’s closet. They are versatile, simple yet classy enough to rock from day-to-night. They are perfect for those difficult days where you simply can’t decide between comfort or style, and for the days where it seems like nothing in your closet is worth wearing. Rompers truly are the best of both worlds.