WHAT TO WEAR: Back and Bundled

After probably 50 cups of hot chocolate and a few too many days being lazier than we should have, the trek back to school and countless hours of homework begins. Being in upstate New York, the spring semester screams bundling up as much as possible so my toes don’t freeze off on the way to my brutal 8 a.m. Many people believe that the cold means you have to sacrifice your style, but I think the opposite. By simply adding some cute accessories and a couple extra layers, you can transform your typical outfit for class into something that won’t make you wanna crawl back into your warm and cozy bed. Well who are we kidding, of course you’ll still want to.

Lately, oversize tops have been making a huge comeback. I have personally been loving this because who wouldn’t want to be covered in basically a giant blanket all day? This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to go out and start buying a ton of giant men’s  sweatshirts when you can just go into your own dad’s closet and make it fashionable yourself. This Fashionista did just that by snagging this oversize, thick denim jacket courtesy of her dad’s closet without spending a dime. Also, distressed clothing is everywhere, whether it be a simple T-shirt or destroyed jeans. So, layered underneath is a distressed, black long sleeve and a basic black and white flannel. There is never a wrong time to wear a flannel, especially when you’re layering a bunch of different items together to keep warm.

Being the typical girl, I own about a million pairs of black leggings. You can never go wrong with throwing a pair on when you’re running to class after your alarm has gone off more times than your roommate would’ve probably liked. Pairing your warmest socks with your favorite pair of winter boots is the perfect way to tie the look together, like this Fashionista did. A simple piece of jewelry, like the black choker pictured, can add so much to a plain outfit. Even throwing on a scarf or hat to add to the bundle of clothes can never hurt.

Who said being warm can’t be stylish? Layering oversize tops, distressed accents, and warm accessories shows it can be. No matter how much Mother Nature wants you to roll out of bed and wear your pajamas to class this semester, you know that you can still look cute as you’re trudging through the snow.