WHAT TO WEAR: Average Joe To CEO

December 23rd, 2016 at 2:00am

First impressions can be everything when you step into an office of a well respected company. As you can imagine, nerves will be normal and very high. But have no fear, I got you covered. If you take tips from this Fashionisto, you’ll be hired right away.

If you dress nice, you are more than likely going to earn 10 times more respect in the office. Walk into the interview with full confidence as you know your blazer looks amazing. Suit Supply is a great place for men’s business fashion. It’s a one stop shop!

Stand out above the rest by adding color into the mix. Don’t go for the typical gray or black suit. Spice things up with a little blue and orange. Texture is key too. If you are going from something different, yet fashionable, tweed is a great second choice.

It’s all about the details! Now, this step is personal preference, but it’s almost guaranteed you’ll get a question or two asking where’d you get your outfit from. Spicing up your plain work clothes with some funky socks, glasses, watch or a chic handbag will take your outfit to the next level.

Once you feel confident in the clothes you’re in, nothing can stop you. Not even the most difficult question in the interview. Have fun and be creative when you are in the office. Everything can lose interest over time so you have to spice it up with something new. From average joe to CEO, this Fashionisto has a bright future!