WHAT TO WEAR: Autumn Days

Happy fall Fashionistas/os! As we’ve all noticed, the weather is changing drastically (if you live in the Midwest like I do), which means our outfits must change as well. It’s time to tuck away your favorite high waisted shorts and tank tops and swap them out for some cozy sweaters and leggings!

This Fashionista got the memo; her plaid poncho and tan boots just SCREAM fall. Mix and match your favorite autumn accessories together to create the perfect look for class, lunch with your best friends or even a trip to the pumpkin patch. As soon as I saw this perfect pairing of garments I instantly became obsessed. The mixing of prints with the plaid poncho and striped sweater truly embody the chaotic beauty that is an autumn day.

Not only do the prints remind me of fall, but all of the colors throughout the outfit do as well. Tan, burgundy, deep green and even charcoal are all found in nature during the later months of the year. As the colors outside begin to neutralize, so do the colors in our wardrobes. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t sport your favorite bright pink sweater in November! Just try pairing it with some black skinny jeans and boots to make it a little more seasonal.

I am personally a huge fan of fall and all its colors, especially dark reds and greens like the ones in this Fashionista’s incredibly chic poncho. So break out your gorgeous jewel tones and simple neutrals and get ready to embrace fall and the incredibly cold weather that comes with it (If you live somewhere that doesn’t get cold, I envy you).

Stay warm and happy fall Fashionistas/os!