WHAT TO WEAR: An ‘Overall’ Success

Winter in Wisconsin can be so beautiful. There are days when I can just sit and watch the snow fall, go outside and build a snowman, or even steal a tray from the dining hall and go sledding! Be that as it may, winter in Wisconsin can also make me want to curl up into a ball and stay in bed all day watching Netflix. That being said, when I wake up for eight o’clock class in the morning, and I look through my closet to choose what I’m going to wear, I usually try to keep it simple, comfortable, and warm. So, when I spotted this Fashionista in my building after class I instantly fell in love with her look and wished that it would have been in my closet that morning. This is a great outfit to wear either to classes, out with friends, or even just to run some errands.

First, I noticed that she had on these adorable denim overalls that looked like the definition of comfortable. Overalls are a great piece to have in your wardrobe because they can add a certain playfulness to any outfit that would normally be worn with a simple pair of jeans. She was also wearing this white, ribbed turtleneck sweater that was equally simple and classy. The shoes that she chose to wear with this outfit were a pair of cute gray booties with a golden accented heel. I also noticed that she was sporting some colorful socks, to add a touch of whimsicality, and also had on a small cross necklace; the perfect balance for this casual outfit.

So, the next time that you’re trying to decide what to wear to class, just remember that being fashionable can also be comfortable. Your style is a way to express yourself, and if you’re going to class in sweats every day you may lose some of your inspiration! Another idea for all you Fashionistas/os that are running low on time in the morning is to pick out your outfit before you go to bed, so all the thinking is done for you when you get up. I hope you all have a stylish and successful spring semester!