WHAT TO WEAR: All Layered Up

Remember the days when you would frantically turn your whole room upside down in hopes of finding the perfect outfit for your first day of school? I know I definitely do.

Society today has basically drilled it into our heads that if you want to look good while you’re hitting the books or walking the school halls with your Guru Gang, you’ll have to invest some serious time into finding “the one” (outfit-wise, of course). But who’s to say you can’t find that flawless outfit in less than 10 minutes?

This adorable Fashionista, Rosie Morales, shows us that it’s undoubtedly possible. With her Urban Outfitters nude bodycon dress layered over a black long sleeve, she created an outfit that’s both fall-appropriate and super à la mode. She tied her hair in a quick pony tail and slipped into her bold black booties, which escalated the sophistication of this minimalist look.

With the addition of luscious Eyelure Vegas Nay Grand Glamour Lashes and a single sweep of highlighter to the cheekbones (which we could never forget about), the Fashionista added the final piece to complete the outfit: her black leather tote bag with a small faux fur pom pom keychain. The glorious thing about this entire outfit is that it can be, as Rosie said, “Put together faster than it takes for my toast to pop out of the toaster.” That’s pretty fast!

In just about 10 minutes, this Fashionista now looks cute, comfy and ready to tackle her 8:00 a.m. class. Go get that A plus, girl!