WHAT TO WEAR: All Gray Everything

In my opinion, the color of the sky and the general setting around you tends to influence your outfit choice of the day every morning; if it’s a bright and sunny day outside, we might be more likely to sport some vivid tones, while if it’s rainy and dull, our blue side comes out. But in this particular case, on a gloomy and cloudy day, this fashion-forward college student was feeling a little gray—clothing-wise, that is.

While walking around campus for our back-to-school preparations, a former classmate of mine effortlessly stood out from the rest of the crowd with his weather-matching apparel. Dressed in his grey graphic T-shirt, cropped and distressed jeans, and collared jacket to match, he gladly accepted my offer of photographing his captivating style for my very first CollegeFashionista article of the semester. Confidently posing for the camera, his naturally cool demeanor turned the college parking lot into a picturesque runway.

While photographing him, I commented on the particular look the jacket gave his whole look, to which he then shortly and proudly confessed, “This is actually my girlfriend’s jacket.” It was the cutest!

Adding bright red shoes and blue and red striped socks to his grey ensemble was a form of saying, “Hey, I may be wearing all of this gray, but it doesn’t mean I’m feeling the same way!” At the end of the shoot, as odd as it may seem, the skies parted and the sun made the day sunny and bright, which now matched not his outfit but his cheerful mood.