WHAT TO WEAR: A Swinter Sweater Weather

Welcome back, Fashionistas! After spending my winter break in brisk, snowy temperatures, I underwent a sartorial confusion when I arrived back at CofC. I went from wearing  multiple layers to sweating in a light sweatshirt. Charleston falls into what some might like to call swinter. Swinter, as I mentioned in the title, is summer temperature during the winter months. The warm temperatures in Charleston can pose as a sartorial challenge for those who love the classic winter fashions (sweaters, beanies, and coats). Even though I’ve been Charleston for four years, I still can’t get a grip on the right winter fashions without sweating. Luckily, this Fashionista provided major swinter sweater looks.

This Fashionista took a fun graphic sweater and rolled up the sleeves to create an effortlessly cool look without getting too hot. In an all-black ensemble, adding little pops of color in the shoe or in the accessories, like a delicate gold necklace, can make the outfit look more chic. This Fashionista also added a playful pop of color with a printed collared shirt that peaks out of her sweater and Van Gogh inspired printed socks. Not only does adding subtle details introduce pops of color in an all-black outfit, but it can also make an outfit more dynamic and interesting.

Also, could it truly be swinter fashion without a great pair of boots?  Being back at school means being on the go all day long. From classes, internships, extra-curricular activities, and hanging out with friends, you need a pair of boots that are comfortable and stylish like these. This Fashionista also added a chic black backpack to make her outfit pulled together and it’s suited for her on the go lifestyle.

Let this Fashionista inspire your best sweater looks this swinter!