WHAT TO WEAR: A Snow Day with Storm Stella

WHAT TO WEAR: A Snow Day with Storm Stella

This spring semester I have had more snow days than I have ever had at college. Not complaining! I never expected two of them in a row in mid-March! Storm Stella proved to cause massive chaos in upstate New York, and all over the east coast. Snow days call for relaxing, Netflix binging, and making the most of the day with your friends. I spotted this Fashionista off campus with her friends enjoying her snow day.

Living in upstate New York means we are all pretty used to the snow. Therefore, we don’t always bundle up to the extent others would if they faced our climate. New Yorkers are used to the cold and the snow. This Fashionista decided to dress for March. The snow didn’t stop her from putting together a springy outfit for the snow day. Dressing for the seasons can be tough when you are expected to wear parkas until April, however, there are many ways to layer and dress for spring. For starters, you can immediately rotate brighter colors into your daily outfits regardless of the temperatures outside. Doing so will leave you feeling refreshed and bring a new energy into your day. Start to part ways with the black puffer jacket that has been your state of grace the past three months of winter and gear up for warmer weather! (We hope.) Spring can be unpredictable so layering is very important.

This Fashionista perfected layering and managed to stay warm in Storm Stella.  She started with a stretch ripped jean from American Eagle Outfitters, paired with warm socks, and finished with maroon Doc Martens. Doc Martens are versatile and the perfect shoe for spring because they can withstand all of the mud, snow, and rain. She then layered a long line Adidas Originals T-shirt underneath her new take on the classic jean jacket. This Fashionista said the jacket is perfect for layering and the change of seasons. The Vans hat she is wearing adds warmth and pulls her look all together. Dressing for a snow day entails comfort, warmth, and style. This Fashionista nailed it!

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