WHAT TO WEAR: A Red and Black Valentine

The white winter wonderland is visiting the city of Boston once again, and another Valentine’s Day has come and gone. Red roses and movie tickets sold out like fire and so did chocolate and leather clothing. Many say “leggings and jeans are your best friends for winter days.” But what if winter feels like forever? Especially in the city of wind, like Boston, where there are rarely any warm days in the harsh northeast winter to wear other adorable clothing in your closet. But who said leather aren’t a real deal too?

Leather leggings and jackets are the eternal magic spell of the ‘cool girl.’ The reflection of the black, shiny leather pants makes it hard not to set your eyes on when one passes by. Especially when it comes in a set of leather jacket and leather pants. Leather jackets could be more playful than the pants as they normally come with some fun such as fur or shearling. Our model here is wearing a shearling coat. The burgundy fur gives a total black outfit a major color contrast. Meanwhile, the dark, red velvet sneakers complement the redness of the furry hoodie. Her bag of the day is set to break away from the overall red and black concept with the Stella McCartney’s Falabella, Degradé Snake Shoulder Bag. With a slice of an exotic taste added to the look, she rather looks classy and sophisticated. It is never too much effort to put on that leather-rocker-girl look once in a while to rock up your mood from that plain white, snowy weather.