WHAT TO WEAR: A Hint of Blue

Once February rears her head, many people resort to outfits with a dominant red and pink color scheme—oftentimes accessorized with a wide range of metallic items—in the few days leading up to Valentine’s Day. February is arguably one of the most coldest month of the year; as such, practicality is oftentimes favored over fashion, in terms of braving the weather. Post- and pre-holiday (and generally throughout the month), many people stay bundled up in scarves, pants, and any number of layered jackets. However, there are those occasionally sunny February days, when one can cover up with a semi-heavy jacket and freely move between outdoors and indoors (without having to awkwardly take off and re-style their many layers to protect them from the chill!). This type of outfit is perfectly shown in this Fashionista’s ensemble, which combines edgy and feminine components and is topped off with an undeniably fierce coat.

This Fashionista’s royal blue crop top allows for modesty with its turtleneck feature, while leaving the midriff open to the elements; this cancels out any problem of over-layering for the weather. It also adds a vibrant pop of color to the outfit’s more monochrome pieces, acting as the look’s focal point. The vintage black skirt she pairs the top with is also weather appropriate, as its slightly sheer outer layer and mobility allow the look to be free. Its flowing hem adds additional movement and texture to the piece, and it’s also breathable while (like the crop top) being modest, due to its gauzy material and length.

The denim sneakers she pairs these articles with are anti-feminine, but gives the look a more comfortable, grounded aspect. They’re very functional and practical for any oncoming weather, if that occurs. They also give the ensemble a bit of an edge with their texture, and the blue tones in them fairly complement the brighter crop top.

Finally, the white faux fur coat she pairs all these pieces with is unabashedly fierce and comfortable. It’s made of thicker material that can face the sharp winds of early winter, but remains light on the body and is easy to remove once indoors (or outdoors, as the case may be). It also adds a world of texture to the already faintly textured look, and gives the entire outfit a dash of street style luxury. The look is additionally embellished with small, simple silver hoop earrings (which are part of a larger set) and a single ring.

This is a good outfit that many women can adapt to their own style because it’s extremely transitional. Changing the style, color, or material of the coat or shoes, or adding more accessories, can make it work for a variety of different occasions. It can be dressed down further with a biker jacket, for example, or dressed up with a pair of cute wedges or brightly-colored pumps. The outfit also works with different amounts or types of jewelry; its glam factor can be raised with additional rings and layered necklaces, perhaps, or even just a statement necklace or choker set. It’s so adaptable that the possible accessory combinations seem endless! The colors of the clothing and metals for the accessories can easily be changed as well, if one feels the need to change them (although the color palette for this look is great to begin with). In short, it’s a wonderful, original, and affordable look that can be easily adapted for most seasons, and one you should consider trying this month.