WHAT TO WEAR: A Fresh and Fun Fall

November 4th, 2016 at 2:00am

When it comes to fall fashion, it only takes a few things to make yourself POP! Around campus is one of the best ways to show off your fall flavored outfits. When it comes to this Fashionista, she chose to pair beige with blues and blacks. The beige is a neutral color that creates a canvas for other colors to shine through. The beige blouse stands out drastically next to the black shawl and the blue jeans, giving a warm and tasteful flavor to her outfit. The gold she chose to accent her outfit gives her a crisp look. The gold doesn’t scream out to grab our attention, yet it twinkles in our eyes just enough for us to notice it’s subtle beauty.

Ripped jeans have become more of a fashion yes. For a while, the ripped jeans were looked at as cheesy and weird, but now they provide a grunge look to any simple outfit. The big trend these days is to look a little grunge to show you can get rough and tough at times. These ripped jeans show a little skin, which complements this Fashionista’s vibrant skin tone.

Lastly, our Fashionista ties her entire outfit together with her light brown booties. These booties show a little wear and tear, but Christina does not shy away from using them. She believes they give character to her outfit as a whole and also catch a lot of looks from people around campus.