We all have those days where we would rather wear pajamas and sweatpants to class, simply because it is easy and comfortable. While comfort should always be key when choosing an outfit, it is hard to get motivated to get back into the habit of dressing up for class.

When I stumbled upon this Fashionista on my daily stroll on campus, I knew that dressing well for class could be both comfortable and stylish.

The first thing I noticed about her outfit was the multicolored pencil skirt. This skirt, which she bought from Strawberry, is a deviation from the jeans and t-shirt look that is often spotted on campuses. If she has an event to go to when she is done classes for the day, this skirt is a perfect day-to-night choice.

Her H&M tank top has a pop of color that complements the subtle splashes of yellow hiding in her skirt. To avoid the winter cold, she wore a long sleeve top also from H&M, keeping up with the layered look that has been a hot trend these last couple of months.

To complete the look, she is wearing Capezio ankle booties with a gold block heel. She layered her accessories, pairing her Michael Kors watch and Michael Kors bracelet with a Kate Spade bangle.

You can be comfortable in class without falling into a routine of sweatpants and leggings. You can also be stylish without having to feel like you are overdressed for your studies. Finding comfortable statement pieces that will compliment your outfit will put you at the top of your class!