WHAT TO WEAR: A Casual Day Out

Sometimes we find that the simplest outfits are the hardest to assemble. Us Fashionistas tend to overthink, but certainly not overlook any detail in all our outfits no matter how grand or basic they may be. It’s easy to get lost in the fashion world with so many glorious and unique fashion trends that are up and coming. From time to time we can find ourselves struggling to find the happy medium between sneakers and a white T-shirt vs. our hottest black skinnies that go oh-so-perfectly with those heeled booties. Well my fellow fashion lovers, the happy medium has been discovered and demonstrated strikingly by this Fashionista.

Our glamour girl models and rocks the ideal casual day out look. She’s wearing a sheer mauve T-shirt which she tucked into her go-to high-waisted BDG mom jeans. The sheer shirt shows off her adorable peach bralette, a stylish trend that shows some skin while also keeping classy. To make this casual look even cuter, she put on her Free People Bardot Block heels then added her Tory Burch double zipper bag to the mix to complete the outfit.

“I love my sheer T-shirt. Not only is it super cute, it’s also extremely versatile. You can use it how I demonstrated as an outer layer, or you can go a little less casual and use as a base for a dress. Either way it’s bound to look good.”

Our Fashionista follows the “less is more” rule with makeup. A cute, causal outfit obviously calls for cute, casual makeup. She adds minimal makeup to this look to keep it simple yet elegant. She uses a Mac lip liner instead of lipstick and a volumizing mascara for her lashes.

“I like the lipliner more than lipstick, it stays on longer and gives my lips a matte look.”

Um can you say lifehack? We’re all thanking you silently behind our computer screens. So now that you know all the key items to accomplish your perfect casual day out look, what’s next?