WHAT TO WEAR: ’90s Vibes

The struggle to get ready for class in the winter is something that we all know. It’s so hard to get out of your warm comfy bed in the morning and head to those dreaded 8 a.m. classes. Most of the time, we end up showing up with a huge hoodie and leggings hoping to keep the warmth we had in our bed a few minutes prior. Even showing up, in our pajamas’s from the night before hoping no one will notice. However, there are other ways to give yourself the comfort you want and still look put-together.

It’s not just girls that struggle with this, guys do too. This Fashionisto’s look is something that any guy can easily recreate and still have that comfort they want. He paired a gray Nike crewneck hoodie with a pair of khaki jogger pants. The jogger style allows for the look to be more relaxed but, still makes this Fashionisto look like he gave more effort than just throwing on a pair of sweatpants. To finish off the look he added a pair of Nike street style gray and white sneakers.

This look is perfect for a day filled with classes or even going out with friends. It features many of the trends in men’s fashion too. Taking it back to some of the 90’s vibes that are in style right now across the fashion world. These blast from the past pieces are helping many Fashionisto/as create some unique looks perfect for everyday. It still gives the comfort they want and look stylish at the same time.