WHAT TO WEAR: 70 Degrees in Winter

The recent weather forecasts have proven that climate change is, in fact, real. This is not only detrimental to the future of our planet, but also detrimental to our styles. It’s winter, and I’ve finally gotten in the mood to wear my puffer jacket with two pairs of tights under my jeans. This kind of layering is strangely exciting to me. But when it’s above freezing, or even 70 degrees, layering is impossible. Even wearing pants is a hard feat to accomplish. But it’s not even spring yet. It seems like we have to wear winter clothes and a hundred different layers just to feel sane in these winter months.

Seeing many Fashionistas/os walk around GW’s campus on this warm and sunny winter day was actually the opposite of depressing. It was inspiring! Legs were out, necks were bare, and sunglasses were on. It was a strange sight, but also quite a refreshing one. It was nice to not see fashionable college students covering up their outfits of the day in huge coats and scarves. This particular Fashionista played an act right out of my fashion book, taking trends that work well for warmer temps, but that also fit in with a winter mood. Her long sleeve off-the-shoulder top worked as a spring trend and as an arm warmer, which definitely was not necessary for the weather, but it’s really hard to say goodbye to long sleeves this early in the year. She paired this with ripped jeans, which also completed two feats—the pants being a winter necessity and the holes allowing her legs to breathe in the heat. Her outfit was the epitome of two birds with one stone, winter and spring styles practically merged into one. The details seem to make this simplistic outfit noteworthy, enough to grab my attention—that high pony paired with a thin silver chain necklace, diamond studs, and black ankle boots really pull the transitory look together.

It may be below thirty a few days from when these photos were taken, which is actually true of today’s weather as I write this, so it’s important to always be prepared. The climate has been drastically shifting like this for the past few years, and we can’t let this weather drastically shift our personal styles (unless we want it to, for some odd reason). So always be ready, for wherever this peculiar weather will take you. If it’s warm in winter, keep it simple, and if it’s cold in summer, more is always more. Maybe it’ll be below freezing this June, which leads us to one last reminder: always check the weather app before you get dressed in the morning.