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Going to Coachella? Make Sure You Have These 9 Essentials Packed So You Actually Survive

April 12th, 2017 at 2:00am

The sun is shining; the lineups are set; the flowers are blooming (and waiting to be made into crowns). Yes, festival season is upon us.

While music festivals, yes, about the music. Any festival attendee will tell you that’s half of it. There are the outfits, food, people watching, and general shenanigans that make festival memories ones to last. Those cheery memories, however, can have a few downs if one isn’t prepared. Whether you are going to Coachella, Outside Lands, or a small festival near home, here are few essentials that will help you survive a few fun days under the sun.

(Photo via @kristinacatherinecinnis)

Water Bottle: Three days in the spring/summer heat means drinking lots of water is a must. Most festivals have water refill stations, so you don’t have to keep buying overpriced water from vendors. (Note: Festivals have different rules about what types of water bottles they allow on-site. Make sure to check your festival’s guidelines before going.)

Poncho: Whether to shield away the harsh sun’s rays or to block out a passing shower, it’s always a good idea to have one of these on hand—just in case. The forecast may say clear skies, but those predictions are not always right. Don’t let the rain literally rain on your parade (or, in this case, festival).

External Charger: An entire day of selfies and updating your stories can make a battery go from 100 to zero fast. Having one of these can save you from parking a seat at the tech tent for an hour (or longer) and missing your favorite band perform.

(Photo via @elizabethmorales)

Sunscreen: This should be a must everyday. But when attending a festival, sun protection is vital. No matter how much of a base tan you have before day one, standing out in the sun all day is the recipe for a nasty sunburn and skin damage.

Snacks: It isn’t always easy to find food at a festival, and when you do, the lines are long and the food is pricey. Keep a few granola bars in your bag to munch on in between sets.

Sunglasses: Nothing ruins a show quite like an inopportunely angled sun. You came to see a performance, not just listen to it, after all. Grab a stylish pair of sunnies and regret nothing.

(Photo via @georgiacfashionista)

Comfortable Shoes: Those healed booties may go perfectly with your outfit, but they are probably not the best shoes to wear when standing in a crowd all day. Wear shoes with a lot of tread to withstand trudging from stage one to stage two. While a pair of old sneakers or rain boots may not be the most attractive footwear, your feet will thank you by the end of day three.

Advil: Music festivals are loud, and with the sun and large crowds, heat headaches and sore muscles can happen to the best of us. Whether you’re headache-prone or not, it never hurts (pun intended) to be prepared.

Sealable Sandwich Bags: Spring and summer weather tend to be unpredictable. Keep a few of these in your bag to protect your phone, money, and other valuables from the rain, dust, mud, and other forces of nature.

(Photo via @kaycaden)

Lastly, don’t take anything that you are not prepared to lose or damage. You never know what may happen at an event as big and wild as a music festival. Shoes will be ruined. Wallets will be lost. But have fun; the good always outweighs the bad, and you are about to take part in one of the best weekends of the year.

What are your must-have items for surviving a festival? Let us know in the comments below!