Micellar Water Isn't Like Normal Water. It's Cool (and Magical) Water.

You have gotten in the habit of creating a skincare routine, which always begins with removing your makeup. You go to bed, fresh faced, lathered in serums and moisturizers, feeling pretty good about yourself. Then you wake up and somehow overnight the mascara you swear you took off eight hours before is running down your face. Sound familiar?

Turns out, there is a vital product missing from your skincare routine that can help! Micellar water has recently grown in popularity over the past few years. Some consumers are hesitant to try micellar water, simply due to the fact it has the word ‘water’ in it. Why pay as much as $25 for water? Isn’t it something I can get for free by simply turning on your faucet?

Before you run to your bathroom to get your own sink water and think you’ve reaped the benefits of this product, think again. Today I’m here to explain the science and technical reasons why micellar water is a must-have product in your arsenal of skincare items.

At first sight, micellar water looks like any ordinary water we dispense from a faucet. But it isn’t just your ordinary bottle of water. According to Huffington Post, micellar water actually contains micelles, which are cleansing oil molecules in soft water. The small micelles are like magnets for leftover makeup residue and oil on your face. This makes it an incredible aid in taking your makeup off, especially because you aren’t required to rinse your face after using it. It’s a refreshing way to quickly cleanse your skin in the morning before you apply makeup or as a way to get your stubborn waterproof mascara off at the end of the day. (No more waking up with raccoon eyes after you swear you scrubbed your makeup off the night before!)

You can purchase micellar water anywhere these days; from Walgreens to Sephora, you can find this product. The price range for micellar water is around $7 to $30, with brands ranging from Garnier to La Mer.

Switch up your makeup removal routine by adding micellar water and a cotton pad instead of makeup wipes. You’ll quickly see how easily the makeup breaks up and is less harsh on your skin!