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8 Things You Didn't Know About Being a CollegeFashionista Style Guru

Being a Style Guru has no shortage of perks, benefits, and opportunities. Many of our Style Gurus would argue that joining the CollegeFashionista community is one of the best decisions they made during college—and we would have to agree (totally unbiased, of course).

So, it’s understandable that you’re jumping to apply to be a Style Guru yourself! We know how exciting it is to see that acceptance email in your inbox. But getting that email is just the beginning of the journey.

After becoming a Style Guru, you’ll suddenly find so many doors open for you. You will have entered a RAD community of students across the country who want to hear what you have to say. The ability to connect with Style Gurus across the country—and the world—can’t be matched. So now that you’ve applied, prepare yourself: Here are a few things that are bound to happen once you become a Style Guru:

1—You will jump for joy and smile ear-to-ear when you receive your acceptance email. (Photo via @isabella_orm)

2—You’ll immediately start brainstorming new article ideas and pitches for all your future posts.(Photo via @leytonpee)

3—You’ll read and re-read through your first article as many times as you can before you submit it.(Photo via @withlovethelms)

4—You’ll eagerly wait for your first article to go live.(Photo via @tabihoshmand)

5—You’ll put your social media skills to work so everyone can see your RAD work.(Photo via @mmoor)

6—You’ll suddenly have the urge to photograph all your meal spreads so you can hashtag them #CFoffline.(Photo via @itstrendychelsea)

7—You’ll binge listen to every episode of CollegeFashionista’s Office Hours podcast on iTunes.(Photo via @samusibiya)

8—You’ll constantly be inspired by your fellow Style Gurus.(Photo via @mmoor)

Can’t wait? Don’t miss out—fill out the application and become a Style Guru today!