WHAT I KNOW NOW—James Vela, Market Assistant Vogue

From a small border town to the bright lights of the Big Apple, former University of South Texas Style Guru, James Vela, is proof that nice (and super hardworking) guys finish first.

After interning at several major publications, James landed a coveted Market Assistant position at Vogue.

Want to know how he did it?

Here are James’ five tips for making the most of your time in college and how to successfully enter the “real world.”


  1. Do not be afraid to fail and never compare yourself to others. We all have our own story and there is no singular path to achieve what you want.
  1. There is no excuse to graduate from college without having any internship experience under your belt. Score an internship, make the most of that opportunity and stay connected to your colleagues once it’s over.
  1. Plan periodic goals that will keep you driven and get you closer to your dream job.
  1. Be nice to others and mind your manners.
  1. Do your research and pay attention to those who have the career and position you are working towards obtaining – scoping around social media never hurt anyone!