WHAT TO WEAR: White Haute For Summer

May 5th, 2017 at 2:00am

There’s something so freeing about being completely done with finals and another semester of college. While the Florida heat can be limiting, it’s the best time to get out and adventure with friends. On those days when it is possible to brave the heat, there are ways to dress up your look and have fun with your summer style. With that being said, light and airy clothing options will be your best bet.

During summer, you can never go wrong with light colors. This look is perfect for a day when the heat won’t make you melt and you’re in the mood to show your style off in an effortless way. This white dress with the light blue pattern gives a little bit of a boho, yet dressy feel. It works as a casual outfit, or something you could choose dress up for events like brunch or a vacation. Simple accessories can easily be used to finish off the look. In this case, she chose to wear a dainty gold necklace and a gold bangle. Her look gives off those girly, carefree summer vibes in the best way.

Whether you’re continuing to take classes or work this summer, or traveling with family and friends, you can enjoy the fun trends the season brings. It’s the best time to express yourself with a couple of pieces, as you probably won’t be layering up in this heat. Dresses are always a great easy choice, and my personal go-to when it’s scorching hot. That’s why everything about this Fashionista’s look appeals to me and can easily be recreated.