WHAT TO WEAR: Summer Time Stripes

WHAT TO WEAR: Summer Time Stripes

Summer evenings are in full swing and I think everyone is happy about it. Nothing suits the occasion more than linen tops and light wash jeans. This cutie is sporting the most wonderful combo of linen and denim. Linen is such a practical (but adorable) summer material because it is so breathable, light and airy. Light wash jeans add to the over-all light look, making the color pallet summer-appropriate. Everything is tied together so nicely with the accessories as well.

The skinny stripes on the top elongate the torso, making her look a slightly bit taller. Since linen is such a breathable material, it is often used in summer clothing because it keeps the person wearing it much cooler. The oversize pockets and rolled up sleeves add a cute and subtle detail to the top.

Another thing I really love about this look is the metal tones of the accessories. As I’m sure you’ve noticed, circular sunglasses are more than in right now. These frames add an edgy flare to the overall look. The long statement necklace paired with a short choker adds some extra detail. The metallic arrowhead pendent on the necklace isn’t too much, but still makes a statement. I adore the bright nail color! The orange is a great way to add a little pop of color and welcome the summer season. Bold lips have been very popular lately, but I love the neutral and light look of this particular color.

Warm weather can sometimes make people feel as if they have to dress in tighter clothes that are a little bit on the scandalous side. This look shows how one can dress cute, classy, and comfy in the heat. Summer is the perfect time to be natural and refreshing, and this cute gal is doing just that.