WHAT TO WEAR: Spring Has Finally Sprung

WHAT TO WEAR: Spring Has Finally Sprung

Finally, spring is here! If you live in California or Alaska, spring is here, and it’s time to dress for it. This Fashionista knows when flowers are blooming and so is her style. She provides us with a perfect example of flower power with a touch of modern flair. Also, isn’t she just the cutest?

The aesthetic of this particular outfit can make anyone smile. The colors are bright and vibrant just like her personality. She told me that she made the pants—very impressive. Even more so is her combination of colors. The sunglasses give off a very boho, relaxing by the beach vibe. They are a great way to add a cool aspect to any outfit while also protecting your eyes from harsh sun rays. The circle glasses were majorly popular in the ’70s, and designers are bringing them back. They are a must-have for the summer.

Next up is some funky jewelry. The metallic metal cuff she’s wearing is so simple in design, it almost makes an outfit over the top. Any metallic jewelry always goes with multiple outfits because of its neutral coloring properties. Here, she decided it would go well with the small orange and gold pattern in her pants and the metallics in her sunglasses. The cuff help tie in the colors and keep to a constant flow of accessories.

Finally, you’ve got your standard muslin button down. This type of shirt can literally go with any ensemble and is light and airy for the warmer weather. Get hot, roll up the sleeves; get cold, roll down the sleeves. She’s wearing a bralet underneath for a type of undergarment.  Any color would work since the fabric is light. This shirt works with this outfit because it’s white and everything goes with white; you can make it long sleeve or short, and if you’re looking to be extra cool, you can tie it in the front like she did in the pictures.

I would definitely recommend wearing this to a festival. Having a boho feel makes this outfit stand out.