What to Wear in a Professional Business Setting

Freedom, exploration, and so much more, summer is finally here and has a lot to offer. Trips to the beach and city are adventurous ways to spend your time off from classes. However, college Fashionistas/os should also consider immersing themselves in professional settings during their summer break. Whether it be a job or internship, these career-oriented experiences will build your resumé and allow you to learn more about your passions. The appropriate professional attire is crucial as it gives your coworkers an insight on who you are as a person.

For this professional outfit I have styled, I took into consideration this summery season. With inevitable heat waves, the weather has an enormous impact on outfit choices. Dresses are ideal for every season, especially summer. This gray dress is simple, comfortable, and has an appropriate cut, making it perfectly professional. Hopefully, the blazing summer heat will not be inside the office you will be working in. An air-conditioned work space is a great escape from the fiery temperatures outside, but if it gets too cold, a stylish jacket is the solution. Instead of the typical black blazer, I went with this white moto-inspired jacket which gives an edgy softness to this ensemble.

To add a distinct look to my monochrome dress and jacket, I decided to ditch a necklace and instead tie this black and white patterned silk bandana around my neck. Keeping it simple with jewelry, I accessorized with these regal round gold earrings. Sticking with gold accents, I opted for this Hermès belt, which also gave this dress a new look by cinching it in and accentuating my waist. In addition, this effortless Calvin Klein watch can help Fashionistas/os be on time and work efficiently. With hours on your feet, comfortable shoes are a necessity. Since heels can help a Fashionista/o exude confidence, professional settings are the place to show off your favorite pair. These ankle strap heels are a comfortable height and make this outfit confident, classy, and stylish. Red is a strong, eye-catching, powerful hue. This red Chanel bag emits a pop of power and color making it the perfect statement piece for professional attire.

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