WHAT TO WEAR: Make a Statement

These shoes were made for making statements, and that’s just what they’ll do. –Carrie Underwood…kind of.

If there’s one thing a girl knows, it’s that your shoes can either make or break your outfit. This Fashionista took her look to the next level by throwing on a pair of bold shoes, making it clear she’s ready to make the best of this crazy month. Whether you’re finishing up final exams or kicking off your best summer yet, this month has so much to offer. Think: pool parties, Memorial Day weekend festivities, catching up with your friends, and outdoor adventures. Say hello to May, and hello to changing (and fun!) fashion.

To go into more detail about this Fashionista’s look, we have to start by looking at it as a whole. Upon first glance, we get a sense that this Fashionista is bold. She isn’t afraid to let the world see her, and she knows that because life is short, every outfit has to count. I mean, what’s the point in dressing your best if you can’t capture the attention of all who see you?

Diving into the specifics, this Fashionista is wearing the cutest white, backless romper. She isn’t afraid to take a risk by wearing white before Memorial Day (is this really still a rule?), and she knew the plain ensemble would pop against the bright background. Rompers are great because they look like they take a lot of effort, and yet they are the easiest outfit to wear. They’re basically a dress but shorts.

Moving onto her shoes, this Fashionista is wearing the boldest of bold shoes—knee-high gladiator sandals. She’s giving off strong bohemian vibes and it’s working for her in every way. Looking at her simple, yet stylish, accessories, she paired silver hoop earrings with the look to stay on-trend with the latest celebrity accessory craze.

Overall, this Fashionista knows how to work bold shoes and a fun background to stand out in all of the right ways. This is exactly what you want to wear if you’re ready to make a fabulous statement.