WHAT TO WEAR: Interview Basics

May 15th, 2017 at 2:00am
WHAT TO WEAR: Interview Basics

We’ve all been there: searching all throughout our closets looking for the perfect outfit to wear for an interview. Not too flashy, not too boring, something in between that is subtle yet still leaves a lasting impression (a good one, of course!).

When looking for the right outfit to wear for an interview, sticking to basics is always key. Neutral colors and simple silhouettes will make you look clean, put together, and professional. Make sure your clothes are clean, in good shape, and wrinkle-free.

When it comes to hair and jewelry, simple, and understated is the way to go. Hair should be sleek either in some sort of updo (i.e., ponytail) or down in a clean and neat manner. If wearing jewelry, it should be simple and minimal. While you want to look nice, the interview is more about you and less about what you’re wearing, so as long as you arrive with a clean cut look the main focus will be on you as a person.

I caught this Fashionista on her way to an interview for a summer internship with a fashion brand. She kept her look sleek and monotone, yet she added a fashionable look with her dark red handbag. Being that her interview was for a fashion company, she had a little more leeway and didn’t have to be so basic head-to-toe.

For a base, this Fashionista started with an all-black silhouette. She paired a black professional blouse with black dress pants. Then, to further her outfit, she added black heeled shoes for an overall monotone look and then completed the look with her dark red handbag.