WHAT TO WEAR: A Guy's Guide to Flawless Fashion

How could someone not take fashion advice from this stylish Fashionisto? This Fashionisto is an optometry major at Ferris State and a true style expert. He gets a lot of his inspiration from his favorite pop punk bands and his biggest idol, Panic! At The Disco’s lead singer, Brendon Urie. He most appreciates summer fashion, and therefore takes interest in west coast fashion. It’s clear that his mixed passions for California fashion and the punk scene make for the perfect sense of style.

This Fashionisto started his outfit with a pair of slim fit black jeans. Black denim is a great choice because it looks more sophisticated than everyday blue denim. Black is classy, but the style is still quite relaxed. Like this Fashionisto, you can dress up a pair of more formal looking black skinny jeans with the right shirt. You can do anything with them and they’ll never go out of style.

The most eye-catching piece of this outfit was the fitted floral button-down. Being the only colored article, the eye is naturally drawn to the tiny white flowers against the solid navy blue background. The pattern sticks out more than the solid black statements: his hair, pants, and shoes. This Fashionisto says his shirt was his favorite part of his outfit because it was comfortable and perfect for the sunny weather that day.

The black and white trend flows from his black hair all the way down to a true punk piece, his black and white pair of Vans Sk8-His. Vans is based out of southern California and highly appeals to the punk scene. The brand sponsors the Vans Warped Tour every summer, a nation wide music tour featuring pop punk, punk, and screamo bands. “Summer is my favorite season so I’m excited for everything it entails, including Vans Warped Tour!” This Fashionisto said. “It’ll be interesting seeing a lot of bands I’m not too familiar with, but that’s the fun part.” He is looking forward to picking his outfit for the tour and gaining new inspiration and fashion ideas from other creative punk styles at the show.

Accessories are essential to completing an outfit. One of his favorite accessories is his silver wrist watch. The watch was a Christmas gift from his grandmother. Accessorizing with a wristwatch adds a sense of class to any outfit. In addition to being convenient, it implies simplicity and signifies style. Guys must be careful about over accessorizing. However, adding the most versatile of all accessories, sunglasses, is a great way to turn a tool for shading your eyes into a trendy fashion statement. This Fashionisto wore his black and gold framed sunglasses to match the colors throughout the rest of his outfit. When they’re not covering his eyes they can sit on his head or dangle from his neckline and still look just as fashionable.

To find style like this Fashionisto check out your local Zumiez, Express, Tilly’s, American Eagle, and Journey’s. for some inspiration!