WHAT TO WEAR: Giving Accesories the Limelight

I have been on this Earth for 20 years, and the transition from spring to summer is still so awkward and confusing. You wake up to a nice breeze and slightly cloudy skies so you decide to wear jeans and some platform sandals, but a few hours functioning in the real world and you realize you forgot to check the weather forecast. By lunch, a semi-permanent rain cloud has appeared, and you are questioning your very intelligence and wondering how you have survived all these years.

A safe bet in this kind of moody weather is to wear closed-toe shoes and layer your pretty little heart away. This Fashionista ticked all of those boxes, as well as some others, by creating a functional summer outfit that added character with the accessories. She began by pairing a denim pencil skirt with a textured white shirt, which is a great baselayer for a spring outfit because it looks just as great by itself as when paired with a lightweight bomber jacket. Layering on a light jacket like she did is great because it adds more color to the outfit as well as some functionality. A beautifully patterned scarf is tied onto an embossed, leather saddle bag to add some flavor to an otherwise simple outfit. A pair of deep plum booties finishes off the fun outfit.

Draw some inspiration from this Fashionista and add some spice to a spring outfit by paying some attention to the accessories!