WHAT TO WEAR: Finals Week Rockstar

So, it’s that time again—the dreadful finals week, but don’t let the thought of a final deter you from your stylish looks. For most people, this week consist of the baggiest of sweatpants and a lucky sweatshirt but this Fashionista has decided to pull out her best and rock her way to the end of the week. As she passes by the rest of the student population who goes for the alternative look, her confidence is boosted as she hears the “ooh’s” and “ah’s” of her fellow colleagues.

As the saying goes, “Look good, feel good.” And that is exactly what this little Fashionista has done for a successful finals week.

The best way to achieve a rockstar look during finals week is to pull out your favorite pieces that inspire your most confident look. For this Fashionista that consists of her favorite black denim skirt. As the temperature outside is rising so is her comfort by wearing an airy skirt that keeps her chilled out.

Another part of her rockstar look is her creme cardigan. To ensure she is comfy and cozy during the long hours of studying in the library, she takes breaks by cuddling up with her cozy cardigan but remains stylish without toting around an extra large blanket and pillow. It’s like your childhood teddy bear on your back and it’s the best of luck to ace those finals. To complete her stylish finals look, she tops it off with her floppy hat. Now, the secret to a successful finals week is to disguise the nerves and remind yourself that you are capable of successful with a little extra work and a determination to conquer the world.

Set out for the ultimate goals this week and remember, you will rock the runway one step at a time!