WHAT TO WEAR: End of Semester Spirit

WHAT TO WEAR: End of Semester Spirit

It’s here: the end of the semester. Finals are over, and it’s time to relax. But does that mean that my school and I have to completely take a break? Of course not! There are still ways you can show love for your school during the summer without overdoing it. Plus, it’s a great way to start getting pumped for fall semester.

The easiest and most obvious way to show school spirit is by wearing school colors. This Fashionista goes to the University of Florida, which has orange and blue as its colors. Having louder colors, like orange, yellow, purple, etc., can be difficult to work into everyday outfits. If your school has an intense color palette, try to incorporate those colors as spot colors. Wearing accessories with these brighter colors can be a subtle yet highlighting aspect of your outfit.

Fortunately, most universities have a demurer secondary color as a complement that can anchor an outfit. This UF Fashionista dons blue and even incorporates the university’s tertiary color white to transform school spirit into an everyday look. Even though it’s not exactly Gator blue, sporting a color that’s similar to your school colors still counts as school spirit.

Another spirited element to wear during the summer is your school’s merchandise. Maybe you find the perfect shirt that balances a cliché yet ironic saying in the bookstore, or you cop a pair of rad university-themed socks from Victoria’s Secret. The communities built around school spirit will always keep producing (mostly) cute merch. Even a football jersey or lacrosse penny can take summer athleisure to the next level while still representing your team.

During the summer, it’s simple to add some school spirit to your wardrobe—but it is summer, so don’t try too hard.