WHAT TO WEAR: Dress to Impress

This Fashionisto’s style is nothing less than classy. He perfected the modern business casual look! I love the colors he incorporated. I think navy blue has become a popular color within men’s fashion trends. This outfit is perfect for those dressier days in college when you might have a job interview or important presentation. The look isn’t too dressed up or fancy for campus, but still so put together. He was out dressed to impress.

I like how he combined different shades of blue. His button-down was a lighter blue, so it worked perfectly with the navy slacks. The brown accent colors from the shoes to his belt tied the whole outfit together. The colors brown and navy work well together as a color combination within any outfit, whether it’s men’s or women’s. My other favorite pieces from his outfit were the subtle accessories he added. He added a nice watch with brown touches of color. Whether it’s a men’s or women’s, adding a watch as an accessory to your outfit can instantly make it classier, and in this case, he did just that. The watch was the last finishing touch to making the outfit complete!

The whole business casual attire has become a popular trend in men’s fashion today. They are starting to incorporate and include many different colors and patterns, etc. within this type of style. Instead of just plain black or gray suits, men are starting to have many more fashion forward options. I love how this Fashionisto followed his own style and kept on trend!