WHAT TO WEAR: Cool and Collected for Class

Before this post, I had always wanted to feature an article on a FashionistI noticed on campus. Menswear is often difficult to stand out in because of the limited variation made available for men to wear. Most guys I see are able to pass off a decent outfit in jeans and a T-shirt. Regardless, although looking different is difficult to accomplish in the male fashion industry, pulling it off is that much more rewarding!

This month’s feature includes a Fashionisto I noticed on his way to class. It has often occurred to me that many college students rarely put effort into what they are wearing to class. Many of us would rather roll out of bed and show up to lecture in sweats. This is all the more reason why I pay the most attention toward potential fashion-goers on my way to class, which explains how I came across this Fashionisto! What struck my attention was his need to cater to street style, but mix it with the acknowledgement of being in an education setting, where street fashion meets a hint of business casual!

This Fashionisto pairs knee-slit black jeans with a navy and white colored baseball styled T-shirt. Layered on top is a black, water-resistant, Stussy jacket, which seems to be the staple piece of this fit. The outfit is tied together with a black baseball cap, worn backwards, which helps contrast the outfit from business casual to street wear. Additionally, the hat was colored black, similar to the most of the outfit, which helped maintain consistency in the look. The shoes, which indicated the most variation in this outfit, were brogues, carefully detailed along the corners of the shoes. These shoes are often spotted in formal settings, which is why this outfit is a smart example for class when you want to look fashionable, but also, professional enough for class. To finish the outfit off, this Fashionisto is wearing a classic, gold Timex watch, which is yet another staple piece for many street fashion followers!