What to Wear for 6 Weeks in Europe

Packing for a big trip can be really stressful, it feels like you need to bring everything in your closet, including that cardigan you haven’t worn for two years but keep around for the “just in case” times. Here’s a list of how to pack smart, comfy, and cute (yes, this can be done!) for six weeks of travel in Europe.

1—Cardigans. Layering is essential when traveling, especially in Europe, where there are  style goals left and right. Cardigans (or jean jackets, button-downs, etc.) are great because they double as blankets/pillows for traveling days, a cute way to mix up your limited wardrobe, and keep you warm when the nights get chilly.


2—Comfortable Shoes. Seriously, don’t choose cute if it comes between the two. In Europe, there is a ton of walking to be done. If you aren’t wearing the right shoes, your feet will kill and you’ll be the miserable tourist with blisters all over her feet.

3—Basic Shirts. Leave the neon and funky prints at home! You’re going to need to be rewearing these items a lot, and it’s easier to have that go unnoticed when you’re wearing neutral colors and basic (enough) cuts. I would recommend bringing two cute blouses, two tanks, three short sleeves, and one long sleeve. Yes, this only totals to eight but when you’re traveling all over Europe, you’re not going to want to have to carry too much, trust me!

4—Jeans. You always need a solid pair of jeans, no matter what. Bring a dark wash, so if you spill gelato on them, it won’t be as noticeable!

5—Leggings. I am obsessed with my leggings, I always need a pair with. I recommend bringing a black pair with to stay versatile.

6—Shorts. Definitely going to want to bring at least three pair of cute shorts and one pair of athletic shorts. Europe in the summer gets hot so you’ll be thankful for those shorts.

7—Dresses. I love dresses, because of a few reasons. One, you can dress them up or dress them down; two, they’re pretty comfortable; three, you can put shirts on top of them and make it look like a skirt. Total game changer.


8—Swimsuit. If you’re planning on going anywhere near the Mediterranean, you’ll want to pack a couple extra swimsuits! Bring two tops and two bottoms, unless you have the extra room to bring more. I would say bring tops that match both bottoms, so you can get a more versatile swim wardrobe.

9—Sunglasses. Sun. So much sun, need I say more?

What were some things you wish you had known before you traveled? Comment below!