The Vintage Inspired Sunglasses Taking Over Your Social Feeds

February 21st, 2018 at 2:00am
Vintage Sunglasses

Shopping for vintage is always fun, but sometimes it can end up being more overwhelming than enjoyable. It’s easy to fall in love with every one-of-a-kind piece you stumble across, but pulling them off without looking like you’re walking around in a costume can be hard to do. The solution? Choosing vintage sunglasses first and foremost. The simple accessory is much easier to try out than committing an entire outfit to a different decade. Plus, there’s just something so effortlessly cool about a unique pair of retro frames with an otherwise modern look. Thankfully, the styles of the past are back and better than ever, filling up our Instagram feeds with endless shade inspiration worthy of copying. If you’re a fellow sunnie-enthusiast, keep reading to see the iconic styles making a comeback and learn how to take inspiration from legends of the past to create a vintage-infused look all your own.

Inspired by John Lennon: Classic Round

We’ve been in love with these classic round sunnies since first the day we laid eyes on the Beatles member casually smizing through them. The versatile shape and classic design easily pair with anything in your wardrobe, but we suggest combining them with a cutoff shirt, a jacket, and a slight smirk for maximum John Lennon vibes.

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Inspired by Kurt Cobain: Oval

They may have made a major comeback as of late, but these frames initially became known after a series of photographs of the Nirvana frontman wearing them in ‘93 along with his typical grunge look. Now, they’re pretty much the easiest way to make your ensemble #fashion. If you’re really feeling a throwback, pair the shades with a slip-over-tee situation to flaunt your 1990s appreciation.

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vintage sunglasses

PHOTO: @mmoor

Inspired by Grace Kelly: Cat Eye

Though they were originally created in the 1930s by Altina Miranda, you probably know this timeless shape from iconic women of the ‘50s like Marilyn Monroe and Grace Kelly. It’s no doubt that these were an incredibly chic addition to a high-waisted bikini or a pretty silk scarf back in the day, but they’re just as cool now with the blazer of the moment and vintage-inspired gingham trousers to tie the bring the ensemble full-circle.

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PHOTO: @maiaaaarose

Inspired by Janis Joplin: Round and Tinted

Channel your inner ‘60s queen with a vintage-inspired pair of rose-colored shades. Janis Joplin made this shape a staple of the decade, bringing popularity to the style with her feather boas and bangle-covered arms. Pay homage to the rock ‘n’ roll legend’s carefree approach to fashion by pairing your glasses with a loose off-the-shoulder blouse and a mish mash of found necklaces.

Get the look: Forever 21 High-Polish Round Sunglasses ($8), Urban Outfitters London Round Sunglasses ($16), ASOS Oval Fashion Sunglasses ($19).

What are your favorite vintage-inspired sunglasses? Show us which ones you love and tag @cfashionsta so we can see how you’re wearing the styles!

Featured photo by @jillruder.