TWENTY QUESTIONS—Sammy Walsh, CollegeFashionista Brand Marketing Director

It’s STYLE GURU BIO week here at CollegeFashionista. While we are busy getting to know the #RAD team of 2,000+ Style Gurus who make up our #GuruGang this spring, we figured it would be a great time for you to learn a little bit more about the team here at CollegeFashionista!

All week long, as you read the bios of your favorite Style Gurus, be sure to check out the homepage as we play “20 Questions” with a member of the CollegeFashionista team.

Next up is our very own Brand Marketing Director/social media extraordinaire/cat lady, Sammy Walsh. Besides her taste (questionable) in reality TV and celebrity gossip, Sammy has a lot of random interests and fun facts she divulges in our latest round of 20 Questions below!


Most worn item in your closet? Distressed boyfriend jeans from Urban Outfitters – I’m on my second pair.

What are you currently reading? I accidentally have three books going, which I really hate and don’t know how it happened. They’re Why Not Me by Mindy Kaling, The Andy Cohen Diaries by Andy Cohen and Happily Ali After by Ali Wentworth.

Last show you binge watched? Flipping Out. Jeff Lewis is the greatest person ever, and I wish we were friends.

What is on your nightstand? Water, Balm DotCom from Glossier, my phone and work phone, 5,000 to-do lists and sometimes Franny, my cat.

What is the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning? Check my phones. I usually wake up convinced there’s been some kind of emergency.

Always up for…sleeping.

Never up for…drinking/partying – I was born an 80-year old woman.

Weirdest thing you have ever eaten? I’ll try any kind of cheese – the older and weirder, the better.

Life motto? Beauty fades, dumb is forever.

Best gift you have ever received? My engagement ring!

Best way to decompress? I love to watch mindless TV after a long day. Cleaning also does wonders for my soul.

What is your spirit animal? North West on her way to ballet class.

Celebrity crush? Walter the Chiweenie – @walterthechi.

Pet peeve? People who don’t listen.

I never leave the house without….doing my makeup and hair. I got it from my mama.

Favorite app? Dropbox. Nerdy and not super chic, but nothing give me more happiness than organizing photos from my phone.

Most random fact about yourself? I talk in my sleep. A lot.

Roses or orchids? Roses, especially the ones from my secret bodega. They’re $12 for two dozen and live forever 🙂

What color did you wear to your prom? Leopard print, obviously. (And Aisha wanted to make sure I added that I was prom queen.)

Biggest learning experience of your life? Living in New York has been, and continues to be, a constant learning experience.