TREND ALERT—Five Summer Trends We Are Obsessed With

Summer is finally officially here! To celebrate it’s long awaited arrival and to inspire your next few months of warm weather wear, here are five trends we are obsessed with this summa-summa-summa-time!

1. Fringe


From jackets to clutches to skirts—we are definitely not “on the fringe” that this trend will be everywhere this summer.

2. White on white



This quintessential summer color is taking over. Head-to-toe white is chic, polished and majorly on trend.

3. Block heeled sandals


Who would have thought that Fashionistas would be able to mix comfort and style into one perfect pair of sandals?

4. Matchy-matchy



While this trend has been on the rise for a while, this summer the matching set is going to the extreme. Matching croppped tops and bike shorts for the win!

5. Super distressed denim


Hole-y moly. Torn, shredded and pretty much destroyed, when it comes to denim, the more obliterated the better.