Tips to Enjoy Studying Abroad

August 24th, 2017 at 2:00am

Benvenuto, Fashionistas! I recently returned from studying abroad in Milan, Italy, which is one of the major fashion capitals of the world!.Traveling has always been something I have wanted to do so when this opportunity came my way there was no chance of me turning it down. While discovering new places can be super exciting, it can also be much different than home, so here are some tips on how to survive life abroad.

1—Explore your new environment/travel to other places. Nothing has helped me settle in more than going out and seeing new places along with everything the city has to offer. I was super excited to be in Milan but once I landed and saw how different it is here than home, I freaked out a little. But once I discovered my new home for the month and knew how to get around I felt much more comfortable. Also, don’t forget comfortable shoes for all the exploring you may do! My classic Adidas sneakers have been a lifesaver for being comfortable yet trendy.

2—Keep in touch with friends and family from back home. This has really helped me to push through any struggles I have faced while being in Italy. There is so much comfort in hearing familiar voices on the phone or even seeing their faces while video chatting. Sharing your experiences is super fun too and everyone back home will love to hear about everything you’ve seen or accomplished so far!

3—Document your trip. Whether this is through a journal, photos, or videos, be sure to remember all the fun things you have done while in another country. I personally love photography (even though I’m not very talented) so I bring my camera around with me a lot or even just take quick pictures on my phone. No matter what way you choose to save the memories, one day you’ll be able to go back and remember all the good times you had while abroad.

4—Enjoy it! Whether you are abroad for weeks or months at a time, it is going to fly by even though it may not seem like it. This is the opportunity of a lifetime so don’t let any fears or uneasiness get in the way of your experience.

Studying abroad is such an amazing opportunity and you are incredibly lucky if you have the chance to do it. Even though my program is only three weeks long, I am beyond grateful to have been given this opportunity and I hope my fellow Fashionistas will decide to go abroad if given the chance!

Let me know where you’ve studied or want to study abroad in the comments below!