Three Ways to Wear Glitter this Summer

Glitter: the ultimate hate-love relationship of the makeup world. When deciding to open up those sparkly flakes (that are nearly impossible to get rid of when applied in the wrong place or spilled onto the counter) there are a few things to consider:

When done right, glitter can effortlessly be worn as everyday makeup and not just “dusted off” a Halloween costume or glamming up your New Year’s Eve outfit.Below are three different makeup looks for you to try this summer: 

  1. Bottom Liner
    Line your bottom lashes with a glitter eyeliner: I, personally, am in love with this one from Urban Decay. Feeling more daring? Line your bottom lashes with a fun color before adding the glitter.
    Tip: Make sure that that you ONLY use cosmetic glitter. Craft glitter is usually made with plastic or glass and can cause damage to your eyes.
  2. Cover the Lid.
    First use a primer to help keep everything in place. Then put on your regular eyeshadow and finally, with your ring finger or a flat eyeshadow brush, apply the loose glitter to your lid, not going above the crease.
    Tip: No setting spray? From a distance, lightly spray hairspray onto your lids and fan dry before opening. The hair spray will help keep your glitter in place.
  3. Highlighter.
    After applying your highlighter, dab hairspray or eyeshadow primer on along your cheekbone and then apply loose glitter. A color like gold usually works best here.
    Tip: Fold a tissue and place it under your cheekbone as you apply to catch any falling glitter.

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