This Throwback Trend is Back on Track

The boundaries between aesthetics have officially blurred, with fashion giving sport credibility and sport giving fashion a functional twist. Athleisure continues revitalizing workout wear, with new, streamlined designs that involve more time going out and less time at the gym. The latest must-have garment in the athleisure hemisphere? The tracksuit.

Does the word “tracksuit” immediately bring about PTSD from your middle school days? Afraid this look is more scary than Sporty Spice? Think again! Fashionistas are scoring varsity letters in the style department thanks to their take on the modern tracksuit.

But how did this once taboo look suddenly become the coolest look on the streets? It is the natural progression as fashion shifts towards comfortable, effortless style. Whether you prefer a neutral color palette, a fun fabric, or the classic velour, brands everywhere are producing a wide variety of tracksuit styles that perfectly combine style and leisure. From Juicy Couture to Adidas to Champion, there’s a guaranteed street style suit out there for you. (Photo via @cecegiglio)

It only takes one piece to take your athleisure look from the gym to the street. For day, team your workout wear with a casual pair of trainers or a trendy pair of ankle boots. For the evening, add a strappy heel or a sophisticated faux fur accessory. (Photo via @n_agem)

The return of this ’90s staple signifies freedom of choice, due to the fact that today, you no longer have to differentiate your weekend wardrobe from your weekday one. After all, personal style is about breaking the rules, being an individual, and owning it. Track is back, and it’s not lazy; it’s fashion. (Photo via @gabscherer)