Thinking of Getting Bangs? Here’s What You Need to Know

October 9th, 2017 at 1:06am

One morning I woke up and realized there was something strange happening on the internet. Scrolling through my Instagram feed, I noticed celebrities and the not-so-risk-takers were all doing something drastic to their forehead. Their forehead got bangs! In the past couple of weeks, there’s been a heavy influx of people getting their hair trimmed and transformed into a beautifully shaped set of bangs. As a bangs owner myself, I was a bit shaken by this because normally people are against bangs, and because of my own selfish reasons, I kind of loved being one of the few that owned a pair. But, nonetheless, bangs are here to stay and are now the latest must-have beauty trend. I would like to take this moment to share that I did it first, but I digress.

Celebrities like Vanessa Hudgens, Camilla Cabello, Emma Stone, and Selena Gomez are being seen lately rocking some killer bangs, so don’t be surprised to see some of your friends doing the same. You might even think about getting bangs yourself—shocking, I know.

I’ve had bangs for almost three years now and know a thing or two about having them. So, if at any point you feel the need to get them, here’s what you need to know.

PHOTO: Natalie Geisel

bangs are fun

Bangs are a fun way to play around with your look. Whether you’re going for a playful, young, or edgy look, they can transform you to the next level. They can bring out your face shape and help elevate that outfit you’ve been dying to wear.

there are different ways to style your bangs

Luckily for all of us, you can cut and style your bangs in numerous ways. The most popular style at the moment is curtain bangs which is pretty much splitting your bangs into two side parts, leaving a gap in the middle. They’ve been seen on Alexa Chung, Kristen Dunst, and Beyoncé! Other fun styles you can try are baby bangs, side bangs, choppy bangs, and blunt bangs. The point is the possibilities are endless!

you can always let them grow

If for some reason you get bored of your bangs or are just over them, there’s no need to stick with them forever. You can most definitely let them grow. You can also pin them up or push them to the side to avoid having them on your face all the time.

PHOTO: Hana Benoski

bangs are very high-maintenance

Bangs are like that gauze top you have that gets wrinkled easily, and you constantly have to iron. If your hair is naturally straight, then odds are you don’t have to straighten them. However, if you have curly, wavy hair like I do, you definitely have to so they can stay in place. You can, however, always go for the cute, curly, messy bangs look. I mean, look at Zendaya—she sure knows how to rock a killer curly fringe.

you constantly have to trim them

Spoiler alert: Bangs grow rather quickly, and if you want to be able to see where you’re going, then you’ll have to trim them constantly. How long you want to have them is ultimately up to you, but just be aware that no matter what, you will have to trim them eventually.

it can get really hot

If where you live is normally hot, then having bangs will only add to your sweat. Sometimes I want to chop my bangs right off so that I can feel a breeze! So just be prepared to fight the urge to get rid of them every once and a while.

PHOTO: Rachel Zuckerberg

your forehead can get a little oily

Your forehead has a high level of oil and is sensitive to a higher chance of developing acne since oil gets trapped beneath sticky skin cells within the pores. Since your forehead will be blocked by a chunk of hair, it’ll start to collect sweat throughout the day. This, unfortunately, causes your forehead to get a little oily and sometimes create a zit zone.

So, there you have it. If you want to sit among the likes of your favorite celebs or just want to rock a whole new look, then go for it! The bangs are here to stay for a while, and who doesn’t love another reason to look good?

Will you be joining the bangs train anytime soon? Let us know in the comments below!

Featured image by Hanna Benoski.