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These CollegeFashionista Staffers All Have One Thing In Common

November 9th, 2016 at 2:00am

Before they were the CollegeFashionista HQ team, Kali, Katie, Lucy and Anna were Style Gurus just like you. It may seem like they just fell into their roles, but in reality it was years of hard work that got them where they are today. They applied online, wrote articles and scouted Fashionistas on campus—all the while working their way up from interns to full-time employees. But while their dedication and time did land them jobs, it also made for some priceless memories along the way. Read on as the CF team reflects:


Lucy Van Ellis, Social Media Editor

“I heard about CollegeFashionista when I was studying abroad in Roma from a classmate. She had asked if she could take my photo for her internship and I was so curious—I didn’t understand how she could be interning for a company while she was in another country. I applied when I got back to the states and got the summer internship! I was so excited, and I remember my mom was so upset with me because I printed out the ENTIRE internship packet and put it into a three ring binder… I’m sure I still have it! After interning for a few months and finally getting to meet Amy, I was asked to work on some partnerships for CF. The project that had the greatest impact on me was when I got to work with Dove. I got a coffee shop to open up after hours so that I could host about 30 girls for my event. I spent the entire week making decorations for Dove and CF and preparing questions to ask my peers. I was so nervous about the turnout, but a few minutes into the event I was overwhelmed with joy! People I didn’t even know had come, and the conversation was centered around how powerful girls are in todays society and how much we can accomplish when we stick together. After the coffee shop event I went to the boys and girls club in North Philadelphia to meet up with some Dove reps and teach a course at the club about body positivity and staying true to yourself—I would have never been able to have an opportunity like this without CF. I am so happy and proud to be a part of this team today!”


Kali Concepcion, Graphic Designer

“Aside from really excited Fashionista/os and their moms, one of my best memories of being Style Guru is when I was asked to take photos for a Seventeen Magazine editorial about fashion at my school, Florida State University. I contacted all of the most fashionable girls I’d “seen around” and some of my best friends, and organized for us all to meet on campus one day for a big photoshoot. Once the magazine was released, naturally I cried seeing my images and friends in a magazine and all the girls were so excited as well. This encompasses everything that made CollegeFashionista great for me; not only did it connect me with people I may not have otherwise met, but I got to experience and share amazing opportunities that I never imagined would come my way.”


Katie Fabry, Marketing Coordinator

“One of my most memorable experiences as a Style Guru was being chosen to write a piece for The Huffington Post. It stands out in my memory because I remember it being the first time that I didn’t feel limited by my age. There were many experiences leading up to this where I was the youngest person in the room—and in all of them, I felt naive, stupid or out of place. Being asked to write this piece was the first time that I felt empowered by youth, not intimidated by it. To this day, that remains my favorite part about CollegeFashionista. Outside of the incredible people I met and the opportunities I had as a Style Guru, I’m most grateful that CollegeFashionista qualified my ideas and gave me the confidence to feel purposeful in any room. ”


Anna Coke, Editor

“One of my favorite parts of being a Style Guru for CollegeFashionista was not really one specific memory. I made so many friends during my time as an intern—from meet-ups on campus to online chats to events in New York City. I was able to meet countless students with the same goals and dreams as I did—something that I had never had access to in Kentucky. When I landed a job with CollegeFashionista and moved to NYC, I was naturally terrified. However, when I finally got to the city, I realized I already had more friends than I could have imagined. CF provided an incredible community of people who have not only become great contacts over the years, but also amazing friends.”


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