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These 10 Photos Will Make You Want To Be A Style Guru STAT

These 10 Photos Will Make You Want To Be A Style Guru STAT

Fashion-forward college students, stellar writers, and extraordinary photographers…oh my! Clearly, CollegeFashionista Style Gurus are the ultimate triple threat. Contributing as a Style Guru means more than just being interested in fashion. There are so many opportunities to become immersed in the company, industry, and explore your interests and talents. For those who love to write, there are editor internships that focus on fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. If you are someone who loves social media, there is a social media society that focuses on helping Style Gurus gain experience by getting involved with the various CF platforms.

CollegeFashionista has created an online community of like-minded individuals, uniting together under the passion of fashion. Being a CollegeFashionista Style Guru is an uplifting experience that gets better and better each and every day. If we haven’t convinced you to become a Style Guru just yet, these ten photos will make you want to join the #GuruGang STAT!

1—Style Icon Central – Style Gurus are stylish students who have an eye for fashion. Whether they are spotting out fresh looks on campus to share with the worldwide web or mixing patterns like a pro, joining the Style Guru community will surely keep you inspired. (Photo by @mmoor)

2—Foodie Annonymous – One common ground we all share is the importance of food. Staying in the loop of the trendiest (or college-budget friendly) cafés around campuses and cities across the globe is one major plus to keeping up with the Style Gurus! (Photo by @therachelstory)

3—Gal Pals – There is nothing like having a group of people who you can always count on. One major plus to the CF community is how easy it is to become friends from URL to IRL! (Photo by @hellogabrielle)

4—Incredible Opportunities – CollegeFashionista always has something up their sleeve to make the Style Guru internship experience unforgettable. From hosting events in major cities across the country to speaking with industry professionals and sharing valuable tips on the #CFOfficeHours Podcasts to inviting interns to Fashion Week– joining the #GuruGang is completely worth the hype. (Photo by @gretchen_reese)

5—Fierce and Fearless – Becoming immersed in the CF community is like being surrounded by fun-spirited people all the time! For your daily dose of fierce and fabulous, check out the CollegeFashionista hashtags #CFOffline and #StyleGuruLove. After all, the sun never sets on fashion! (Photo by @livmauriello)

6—Aesthetically Advanced – Get on top of your aesthetic A-game and slay the social media scene. Plus, there is always an on-point Pinterest mood board to get your creative juices flowing! (Photo by @alliesarachene)

7—Likeminded Ladies – Although March is National Women’s History Month, the Style Guru girlies always support each other regardless of the time of year. We are all about self-empowerment and sticking together! (Photo by @taylorknoxx)

8—Destination Inspirations – If your heart is dedicated towards jet-setting or road-tripping, you can always count on the CollegeFashionista Style Gurus to share amazing images from their worldly travels. CAUTION: Said photos may arouse major wanderlust. (Photo by @lapresqueparisienne)

9—Colorful and Creative – As a CollegeFashionista intern, there are a plethora of free resources and online workshops available each month known as the CollegeFashionista Curriculum. With a theme for each month, there are weekly opportunities for Style Gurus to improve necessary life and business skills. (Photo by @tabihoshmand)

10—Walk This Way – What are you waiting for?! With open arms, we invite you to apply to join the #GuruGang and spread some #StyleGuruLove with us this Summer! The application closes May 12, 2017, so don’t be tardy for the party! (Photo by @nicolemmanago)

Did these photos convince you? What are you waiting for? Apply now to be a summer Style Guru!