You Will Definitely Believe in Serendipity After Reading This

Serendipity is defined as a pleasant surprise. For many Style Gurus, including myself, finding CollegeFashionista was like a serendipity moment. We weren’t necessary looking for it, but it somehow landed before our eyes when we need it the most. I’ve been with CollegeFashionista almost three years now, and I’ve been able to see how this platform has grown and changed throughout time. Serendipitous or not, it will live on to be a beautiful adventure.

In honor of celebrating the CF Clubhouse that launched earlier this month, I wanted to share how other Style Gurus came to find CollegeFashionista and what attracted them to join our beloved Guru Gang in the first place. After all, everything has a beginning.

Jordan Rachel: “I actually discovered CF through a job board on my old school’s website. I thought it sounded like a wonderful opportunity to join a young community of like-minded people; while also developing my writing skills and completing an internship. Since I live in Paris, there are a lot of Fashionistas around me, but I sometimes miss connecting with other English speaking people in the industry.” –@lapresqueparisienne

Peyton Lee: “I was working at an ice cream shop over the summer before my junior year of college, and my friend walked in to get some ice cream. She noticed I was looking into interning at local boutiques, but suggested I apply to CollegeFashionista. I checked out the website, decided to apply, and waited to see what would happen. I knew I wanted to write and take pictures of style on campus because I always loved street style photography. I bought a Nikon camera, got accepted into the internship, changed my major, and have loved every minute of it!”-@leytonpee

Sarah Carrillo: “I first heard of CollegeFashionista not through social media (shocker), but in person at a networking event. A lot of girls had tags that said “CollegeFashionista” and I finally worked up the nerve to ask one of the girls what it was all about. This internship has opened so many doors for me and I thank the CF team so much for that. It really is what you make of it. This community is so welcoming and inviting, I’ve never experienced something like this before and I’m so grateful to be in it!”-@stylelinguistics

Sydney Ferrara: “I discovered CollegeFashionista through another Temple University student, and once she told me about it and how to apply I was instantly hooked! The thought of being able to showcase my style and others on campus was so awesome. It gave me a lot of inspiration that I was able to incorporate into my own style. The sense of community is also what I love because you get to meet great people who love fashion as well.”@coexvst

If you’re not a part of this Guru Gang, what are you waiting for? Make sure to apply to join our community today!