The MUSTS—All the fun, celebrations and random holidays you need to partake in this June

I think we can all agree that June means the unofficial start to summer. It’s here; it’s happening; get excited.

As if countless days spent in the sun and nights filled with adventures with your best friends in tow wasn’t enough to make you love this beautiful month, get ready to fill your calendar with some crazy, exciting celebrations.

June 1st—Dare Day. Paying homage to our favorite childhood pastime, Dare Day is the perfect day to challenge your friends to all the wild dares you have up your sleeve.


June 2nd—National Rocky Road Day. There is no better time than in the midst of summer to bust out a pint or two to share (or not!) of ice cream. Maybe visit your favorite local ice cream parlor for a decadent cone or just go for a pint of a grocery store classic!


June 3rd—National Donut Day. This is one holiday you “donut” want to miss out on! Go OG with an old fashion. Pick up a baker’s dozen for you and your 12 “friends.” Devour all of the glazed and sugary goodness this holiday has to offer!


June 8th—National Best Friend’s Day. Best friends are some of the most important people in our lives. Let’s face it—every Leslie Knope needs an Ann Perkins. Set up a friend date or get your #GuruGang together for some quality bonding time!


June 17th—”Orange is the New Black” Premiere. It’s time to catch up with all of our favorite inmates! Whether you’re the ‘stay-up-until-midnight-and-binge-in-one-sitting’ kind of gal or the sensible ‘watch-in-moderation’ sort of person, grab a bowl of popcorn, an orange jumpsuit and enjoy the drama!


June 18th—International Picnic Day. Picnics are pretty much a mandatory summer activity. Celebrate dining al fresco by throwing down a blanket in the park and enjoy a spread of your favorite summertime snacks!sszy0pep5720c8dfb4212192253231

June 19th—Father’s Day. Fathers are the underappreciated fashion icons. From their fresh, white New Balance sneakers to their old band T-shirts, they are trailblazers in the fashion world, so take the day to celebrate all the fashionable father figures in your life!


June 21st—International Yoga Day. Downward dog and warrior pose your way to serenity. Grab a yoga mat and a friend, and find a yoga class to join in on, some are even held outdoors. Afterword, go snag a pressed juice as a post-vinyasa refreshment!