THE MUSTS—All the fun, celebrations and random holidays you need to partake in this August

August 1st, 2016 at 2:00am

There is so much to celebrate this month. Besides the end of summer (boo) and heading back to school (yay!), this month is filled with momentous, tasty and pure fun holidays you won’t want to miss out on. Mark your calendars now so you don’t miss a thing this August!

August 3—National Watermelon Day. Because all fruit deserve their own day, take today to celebrate all that is great about the seeded and sweet wonder—watermelon. Because a summer isn’t complete without a slice of watermelon and worrying what will happen now that you swallowed a few seeds.


August 5—Opening Ceremonies of the Rio Summer Olympics. Every four years, the world’s top athletes meet, compete and capture the world in the summer Olympics. Whether you are a gymnastics fan, Team Michael Phelps or are excited about golf’s return, one thing is for sure—Rio is sure to be a beautiful backdrop for all the glory, upsets and questionable outfit choices.


August 7—Sisters Day. Whether you are one yourself or have one (or three) of your own, sisters are truly special and unique. While you may have spent your childhood bickering over clothes and tattling on each other about broken curfews, now as “adults” your sister has gone from your pesky sibling to your BFF. Do something together today to celebrate this special, unbreakable bond.


August 9—Book Lover’s Day. Calling all book worms, literature lovers and those of you who would rather read “A Song of Ice and Fire” than binge watch “Game of Thrones”—today is your day. Whether you love a good beach read, are a nonfiction fan or #noshame have a soft spot for YA lit, head to your favorite reading spot and get lost for a few hours in a good story.

book lover

August 15—Relaxation Day. In case you miss out on Lazy Day (which is August 10), there’s a second chance for you this month to chill the F out. Today unapologetically do absolutely nothing or partake in your favorite relaxation activity. Take a bubble bath; get your zen on at a yoga class; spend the entire day in your pajamas. Whatever you do, don’t stress about not stressing.


August 26—National Dog Day. There’s nothing we love more IRL and on Instagram than a cute dog. They can literally destroy your apartment and then in a single glance nothing matters. Life is simply better with a four-legged friend. So be sure to celebrate the dog in your life with an extra long walk, plenty of belly rubs and a sentimental social media post.


August 27—Just Because Day. Why wait to eat that doughnut, call your mom to tell her you love her or skip all day instead of walk? Today do all the things you want to with no rhyme or reason. Buy that bag you have been eyeing or taking down a sundae solo “just because” today is “just because” day.

ice cream

August 28—MTV Video Music Awards. This is the night where music history is made and legendary celebrity feuds are ignited. Be sure to tune in to see if Beyoncé gets in “Formation” to to say “Hello” to Adele and “Sorry” to Justin Bieber. Or if Kanye just takes credit for every award and performer being “Famous.”