The Most Versatile Item in Your Closet

Recently, someone gifted me a shirt from Dave’s Clubhouse, an online retailer they had found through Instagram. The gifted shirt was a perfect fit in my closet! I had seen the brand’s illustrations before on my Instagram “explore” page, but I never looked further into it…and I only wish I had done it sooner! Dave’s Clubhouse Apparel features quirky line drawings that play with ideas of innocence and nostalgia. The designs are subtle enough for your outfit to easily be dressed up or down. 

Graphic tees are always in style, but this summer 2017, graphic tees feel more honest and real than in former years. Still influenced by the ’70s and ’90s, I have noticed an abundance of golden yellow, sports tees, and the classic black-and-white tee. The age of flashy branding and classic rock band tees is over. Instead, you see cleverly humorous, political, and quirky sayings and graphics. The tees mirror the attitudes that characterize our generation and are now used as tools for conversation. The graphic tee has moved beyond its ironic 2000s hipster phase and into a world of youthful, empowered adulthood.

Athleisure has held its own for the past few years, not budging as a trend. Rather, athleisure is here to stay as a contemporary lifestyle. It is not only being seen in street wear, but has spread into the professional and formal sphere. With the normalization of athleisure, a shift is happening with casual wear. Casual apparel like sneakers are now becoming a statement of wealth and status. Luxury tee shirts are not far behind. Playing around with tees already in my closet, I can totally see myself wearing one into an interview. I found it easy to dress up my favorite shirts when mixed with other dressier items (like a pair of little black heels).


Are these authentic, alternative graphic tees another attempt to subvert societal norms of professionalism? Maybe, maybe not. Regardless of intentions, I love the idea of encompassing style, professionalism, and comfort all in one.

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