Here's The Worst Part About Summer Break

Summer will always have this amazing aura surrounding it: hot, lazy days by the pool; ice cold drinks; tan skin that doesn’t come from a bottle; having no obligations. Like yes please, count us in. But with the break comes the bittersweet reality of leaving behind those friends who have become your family. (Cue the separation anxiety.) (Photo via @blacksilkbaby)

So often college students count down the days until the end of semester because finals are the worst, but quickly forget the several goodbyes that come along with it. It’s a very weird feeling. We’re suddenly forced to take a break from the life we spent the past four months adjusting to. And although we’ve officially found our home away from home, the friends and roommates gained along the way are really who to thank for that. (Photo via @iammasima)

Seeing our families and giving our brains a break has never sounded better, but at the same time we feel sad about the “family” we’re leaving behind. Suddenly we find ourselves wondering, what will I do once I finish these 138 Netflix episodes? Who’s going to support my 1 am pizza indulgences without judgement? And most importantly, whose closet am I living out of all summer? Certainly not my summer roommates’ (aka my parents). (Photo via @mmoor)

We go through these hellos and goodbyes three times per year, and I can tell you this as a fact: it never gets easier. But as we pack up our lives and begin to move back home, we take the strange talk and mannerisms we’ve gained throughout college with us wherever we go. (Photo via @stylezbylinz)

So once you head back to school in the fall and are faced with exams and papers, know how lucky you are to have something that’s so hard to leave. You’ll suddenly crave these summer days and nights all over again, so enjoy it. The nostalgia of the college experience will steal a piece of your heart forever. But don’t sweat it, it’s not a goodbye, it’s just a see you later for now.

Have a bestie you are sad to say “see ya” to for the summer? Tag them in the comments below to let them know you’ll miss them!