How Taking Time Off From School Actually Set This Entrepreneur Up For Success

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Before you even enter your senior year of high school, people start asking you, “So, what are you going to major in college?” Knowing what you want to eat for lunch let alone do for the rest of your life is an overwhelming concept at 18. When trying to decide where to go to school and what to study, our latest podcast guest, entrepreneur and Style Girlfriend’s editor-in-chief, Megan Collins, was faced with this exact dilemma. She knew i) she was willing to work hard and ii) wanted to eventually live in New York City. So instead of diving into a major she wasn’t sure about, Collins decided to go with what she knew and took a gap year to work in NYC.

The gap year reinforced that she really wanted to end up in the Big Apple post-grad. It also gave her new perspective on what it meant to work hard. With a year of work under her belt and laser focused, Collins started at Penn State University, committed to getting the best education and foundation for her future success. (Triple majoring along the way.)

And while you may not be able to get the gap year, Collins notes that taking internships or having part-time jobs gives you the power and perspective that comes with “getting dirt under your nails.” Check out more about Collins journey, including advice on the benefits of testing out different jobs and how she succeeded in a male dominated industry, exclusively in our latest podcast episode.

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